Conversion of 530 flats

Transformation de 530 logements


Lacaton & Vassal, Frédéric Druot  and Christophe Hutin

architects, Paris/Bordeaux

Philippe Ruault

photographer, Nantes


Taking care of a high-rise and the people who live there

For Anne Lacaton, Jean-Philippe Vassal, Frédéric Druot and Christophe Hutin, high-rises are “exceptional territories” whose transformation brings an economical, efficient and qualitative response to housing needs. This stance, which is radically different from current urban renovation policy, which focuses more on demolition and reconstruction, is reflected in the Grand Parc district in Bordeaux where, along with the social housing body Aquitanis, they are developing a process whose value was demonstrated by their last two projects.

Thanks to conservatories added to the façades, the flats gain in surface area, comfort and light, and offer residents improved quality of life. As Philippe Ruault’s photos show, the minimal and repetitive architecture takes a back seat with respect to the many different uses it makes possible. The simplicity that characterises the project is, paradoxically, highly unusual.


photographs : © Philippe Ruault

transformation_de_530_logements_01 transformation_de_530_logements_02 transformation_de_530_logements_03 transformation_de_530_logements_04 transformation_de_530_logements_05 transformation_de_530_logements_06 transformation_de_530_logements_07